When you win, you have published cases you can share.  We have listed a few of many examples for you here.

We carefully craft our arguments to win, paying close attention to details that others didn't care to examine.  We believe in our clients even when the prosecutor, judge, and society does not.  We read the transcipts, review each piece of evidence, and reconsider everything that might be of importance in a case.  All wins listed here were people whose case was changed or protected because of unwaivering dedication to the appeal. 


Sanchez v. Hurricane Development, Inc. - Achieved dismissal of opponent's appeal of our jury victory. 

Eberhard v. Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn - Appellate victory affirming jury award to our client on a breach of contract case. 

State v. Lacey - Reversed felonious assault conviction and 6 year prison term. 

State v. Williams - Reversed drug trafficking conviction and 10 year prison term.

State v. Butler - Reversed burglary conviction and 4 year term.

State v. Wells - Reversed burglary conviction and 4 year prison term. 

State v. Davis - Reversed domestic violence conviction.

State v. Lampela - Reversed conviction for disorderly conduct.  

Lakewood v. Abdelhaq -  Reversed conviction for obstructing official business.

State v. Pate - Reversed unlawful, dual conviction for robbery.  

State v. Barnard - Reversed unlawful, dual conviction for distribution of methamphetamene.